• Belle is a thoughtful life coach. She is empathic and professional. She is also amazing with horses. My afternoon session with the horses was one of the most healing experiences I have ever completed. I appreciate that she asks me to dig deep into finding an issue that I truly need guidance with in order to improve my immediate situation in order to meet long term well-being goals.

    ​Independent sessions with her helped me truly move forward with life. Her expertise will surely help others gain clarity, create change, and begin to live a more mindful life.

    I highly recommend Belle Vivienne for life coaching with or without horses.
    Gina Marselle Educator and and Horse Owner
  • Belle is a caring and dedicated coach. She is passionate about her practice and offering her clients the greatest benefits of her training and experience. With genuine curiosity and laser focused questions, she quickly detects obstacles that get in the way of accomplishing goals. She has the ability to help her clients find solutions that can be followed through to implementation and success.

    ​My sessions with Belle were filled with compassion, wisdom and revelations. Within our coaching, she helped me to define parameters and solidify how I want to show up and work with my clients, to offer greater benefits. Belle is a knowledgeable, committed advocate who I recommend highly. I was delighted by the transformations that took place in the space our coaching.
    Mary Ann Dolorian Certified Life and Weight Coach 
  • Belle has the rare gift of being intently focused. She will hear what you are saying and, through high-level intuition, pick up on what you are not saying. She helped me learn how to understand what I’m feeling and validate those feelings without judgment, and helped me express them more clearly. 

    ​It’s improved my communications in all types of relationships; at work with peers and superiors, as well as personal ones. She can put herself in your shoes and empathize completely. I highly recommend Belle to help anyone with understanding themselves and others”
    Kären Mastenbrook Marketing Manager SE, GuidePoint Security
  • Belle’s ability to help clients work past “stuck points” and access effective solutions to nagging problems is, frankly, amazing. Her subtle, yet incisive, consultative approach has helped me identify obstacles and move quickly into more productive actions. Recently, using her advice, I was able to overcome a communications problem I was having with a key manager. Belle’s guidance helped resolve the problem leading to higher morale and significantly improved results – not to mention peace of mind!

    ​Her greatest asset is her genuine “caring” for the people she helps and her commitment and ability to deliver superior results. I heartily recommend Belle’s coaching to help you meet and defeat your most trying and worrisome issues. You will be glad you did!
    Rick Pfautz CEO CASTLE Leadership Corp.
  • Belle has a tough love kind of approach to her coaching. Her soothing voice and kind words helped relax me into a state of awareness. She would call me out on my stuff when necessary, while never over stepping boundaries of respect. Belle truly cares and wants people to move forward in life, while enjoying the journey. I would recommend Belle to anyone who is serious about making big and small changes in their life. Belle has helped me truly start taking care of myself. She brought to light how my well being, dreams, and goals are as important as my family members'. My family's overall happiness has increased since being coached by Belle.
    Nadia David Dog Obedience Trainer